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Force and Pressure Load Cells » Cooper Instruments
– Force and Pressure Load Cells – Cooper Instruments & Systems

Cooper Instruments & Systems is a worldwide leading supplier of force and pressure load cells and instrumentation, sensor systems and custom calibration services.

We proudly offer the widest selection of:

– Load Cells
– Torque Cells
– Force and Pressure Sensors
– Torque Gages
– Pressure Transducers
– Pressure Gages
– Digital Instrumentation
– Hand-Helds
– Custom Test Stands
– and more…

What are load cells?

Cooper Instruments’ corporate headquarters is located in Virginia and opened for business in 1988. Since then, our force and pressure products and systems have been used extensively around the globe. Our applications cross numerous industries, including:

– Aerospace
– Automotive
– Energy
– Medical and Healthcare
– Materials Testing and Handling

Phone: 540-349-4746

For more info about Force and Pressure Load Cells, visit:

Window Blinds Chambersburg PA » Howies Blind’s & Shutters

(717) 261-0742 –

For over 25 years, Howie’s Blinds & Shutters LLC has been providing brand name window coverings at competitive prices.

Howie’s Blinds & Shutters doesn’t have a showroom. We feel the best place to view window fashions is in the comfort of your own home. That’s why Howie’s Blinds & Shutters brings the showroom to you.

Above all, you get expert answers and professional advice at no cost to you! All consultations are complimentary as well as professional installation. So save time and money, and take comfort in knowing that our quality, attention to detail and personalized service are unsurpassed.

Our Products

We offer some of the best names in the window covering industry-Hunter Douglas, Graber, and Norman shutters, just to name a few.

– Plantation Shutters
– Blinds
– Shades
– Verticals
– Horizontals
– Motorized Cellulars
– Skylights

We also fabricate Draperies, Top Treatments, Swags & Jabots, Cornices, Valances, Bedspreads, etc. to make your home beautiful.

Howie’s Blinds & Shutters LLC
262 Eisenhower Drive
Chambersburg, PA 17201
(717) 261-0742


We provide window blinds and window treatment services in the following Chambersburg Pennsylvania zip codes: 17201 , 17202

Charlottesville House Painters » Piedmont Paint & Finish

(434) 296-0900 –
– Piedmont Paint & Finish

How to find the best interior and exterior house painters

It’s really a tough task to search for great house painters, especially when it’s your very first time to obtain your residence painted. Now you will be provided some methods where to find great house painters.

Through Suggestions or Recommendations

Maybe the very best house painters can be discovered through suggestions by your associates, good friends or household. They might personally have a painting task done or may have understood someone who had a good painting job. They could lead you to house painters. Word of mouth is among the best advertisements, and these can come from pleased clients. They might also give you concepts who not to work with.

Paint Shop

You can ask your regional paint store for someone who suffices to repaint a home. They might have a routine customer who is a house painter. The personnel on the paint store might give you recommendations too. Make certain to explain the type of service you are trying to find.

What to Ask the Local Painting Contractor

Do you have any painters who regularly purchase your highest quality paints? Residence painters who consistently buy high quality paints understands the importance of quality on his work.

Do you have any painters who run accounts with you that always pay on time? Do these home painters constantly pay on time, or are they slow to pay?
Paying on time means that they have constantly successfully completed their jobs and they have actually been paid properly by the satisfied customers.

Do you have any painters who have been doing business with you for a long period of time? A residence painter who has selected and been negotiating with the very same shop indicates that he had an honor to stay up to date with the store.

If you would ask these concerns of a paint store you are more probable to get a recommendation of a great house painter. This home painter is more probable to have actually developed great credibility and integrity. Contact:

Piedmont Paint & Finish
1726 Allied St #2
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 296-0900

VOIP Phone Systems Baltimore MD – Datastream Communications

(443) 242-4884 –
– VOIP Phone Systems Baltimore MD

Picking the Best VoIP Phone System for Your Baltimore MD Business

Phone systems are vital for success of a Baltimore venture as they relieve communication procedure. Picking right business phone system isn’t that much troublesome, you simply have to choose phone system for company that fits well in your organization. Best option is to go for VoIP phone!

Your desire to get hold of advantages of VoIP phone system would be certainly high. Why not! Implementation of unified communication promises a lot. VoIP company phone system assists facing challenging market competition and in satisfying consumers.

Why pick VoIP Phone Systems?

These humble desk phones are not only efficient in retrieving voice mails and, choosing & forwarding calls, they do a lot more. They supply businesses a range of dependable features like call recording, call auditing, voice mailing, car attendant, faxing, IVR, toll free numbers, multi-location telepresence, linked messaging, video conferencing, and a lot more while being easy-to-use yet affordable. VoIP company options offer flexibility to receive workplace calls anywhere, anytime therefore producing an expert atmosphere for on-the-go users. Furthermore Web phone system deliver full duplex HD quality voice and video conferencing benefits at more affordable cost than conventional telephony system.

How to pick best Baltimore Business Phone System with maximum benefits?

There’s n-number of VoIP provider that ensure to offer finest services to all customers. So, it ends up being rather complicated when it has to do with picking one that’s right for your organization. To relieve your work of selecting ideal unified phone system for company, right here are few points to be considered prior to you opt for any VoIP service.

First of all examine whether services being offered are versatile adequate to incorporate with existing telephone system. Choose unified services that can entirely change your traditional phone system for enhanced features without changing existing contact number (if required). Supplier should support mobile labor force with Virtual PBX system capabilities. Furthermore they ought to understand existing business process and make sure additional growth with incorporated features.

Unified Communication Solutions must provide crystal clear voice communication, versatile options, actual time video conferencing, and low functional expenses. Any business offering all these features must be a top priority.

Pricing is another important aspect to consider. Try to find cost reliable solutions that provide professional telephone representation and broadened VoIP advantages. Opt for supplier that assists lowering TCO and enhancing ROI.

Latest technology consisting of PBX phone systems, Virtual PBX, and other solutions provide various advantages, and including the same in business communication facilities can make a huge difference. Select a VoIP service provider which guarantees easy installation and setup of VoIP services with least technical expertise. Users with a handful of technical understanding need to be able to understand and use the brand-new phone system for elevated output outcomes. They must likewise supply 24×7 support services for better help.

Get details of what all VoIP advantages and functions you can get and is there need for extra equipment or hardware to incorporate them in your organization.

VoIP options need to be upgradeable and quickly scalable! At any point of time your organizatoin should be able to minimize or increase number of functions, channels, and extensions of as per business needs. Make sure provider need to be able to configure these features in near real time to adapt altering requirements. Extremely couple of companies supply collaborative VoIP services that are extremely versatile; so picking one amongst those can make a huge distinction.

VoIP phone solutions you pick should be set up on multiple gadgets like landline and cell phones. These should supply actual time features to mobile labor force, like diverting office calls to mobile phone.


Datastream Communications
(443) 242-4884

Tick & Mosquito Control Charlottesville VA – Backyard Bug Patrol

Tick and Mosquito Control Charlottesville VA – (703) 621-7116 – Backyard Bug Patrol

Are outdoor pests bugging you?

Barrier sprays are the best way to protect your Charlottesville yard from ticks and mosquitoes.

These also help prevent Lyme disease, West Nile virus, heartworm in your pets and a host of other nasty diseases caused by outdoor pests.

This video is an example of one of our Backyard Bug Patrol mosquito squad technicians treating a Charlottesville, Virginia yard.

Our barrier spray kills ticks and mosquitoes on contact and creates a preventative barrier that will last for up to three weeks.

Plus we offer a 100 percent guarantee for all customers on our seasonal tick and mosquito control plans.

So don’t wait, contact Backyard Bug Patrol today to protect your family and begin enjoying your yard again.

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Backyard Bug Patrol
(703) 621-7116

Top Fairfax VA Tree Service – Free Estimates – Tree Trimming & Removal

Top Fairfax VA Tree Service – (703) 594-7889 – Tree Trimming & Removal –

Genesis Tree Service
10660 Page Ave #4451
Fairfax, VA 22038
(703) 594-7889

About arborists:

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Tree Service Charlottesville VA – Free Estimates – Trimming & Removal

Cville Tree Service – (434) 202-4412 –

If your Charlottesville property has a lot of trees, if you stop and think about it, you really do not have enough time to take care of them properly. One tends to think that trees sort of take care of themselves, but if you notice any forest has a large share of dead ones laying on the ground.

Trees grow very fast comparatively speaking in regard to new growth and height. Disease, rot and fungus are enemies of trees, and care must be taken to properly prune them at the right times of the year, and be on the lookout for disease, rot and fungus. If you are able to do these things, then you can be assured that your trees have a better than even chance of thriving for a long time to come.

However, if you have lots of trees, you cannot do all of this. This why it would be in your best interest to hire a Charlotteville tree arborist to take over for you and handle all of that business. They will be able to examine your trees and know what they need in the way of care.

When and how to prune trees is an interesting proposition, especially when they get very tall. They will have the equipment and personnel to prune the branches at any height and what is most important to you, carry away the branches. The arborist will also be able to monitor your trees for any disease or fungus that might be rearing its ugly head.

New techniques such as micro-injection of disease and fungus fighting elements helps to eliminate potentially hazardous sprays and pesticides. A professional evaluation of your trees will help to make decisions that are based upon science rather than guesswork. So, now you can breathe a sigh of relief that you won’t have to take care of all those trees.

Every tree can be either an asset or liability on your Charlottesville property or a neighboring one. A professional tree inspection can uncover potential issues with a tree to determine whether it may be saved or if it needs removal. It may be that a tree is damaged or diseased beyond repair.

Calling a Charlottesville tree removal company to work with you is the best option when it comes to safely and efficiently remove a tree on your property that has become a liability. Tree removal can be complex and any mistakes that may happen during the removal process can be very costly, so make sure the arborist that you hire for the job is qualified to do it.

For more information, contact:

Cville Tree Service
(434) 202-4412

Structured Cabling Baltimore MD – LanStar Systems – Data Cabling

Structured cable, data and network cabling services in Baltimore MD – (443) 242-4884

The backbone is a location in the structured cable system where the cabling network branches out to other structures in addition to other floors of the structure. The backbone cabling system merely handles the major network traffic of a company.

It is expected to supply affiliations between equipment rooms, telecommunications closets as well as entryway facilities. It is generally made up of backbone cables, mechanical terminations, intermediate in addition to major cross connects, jumpers or patch cords that are usually made use of during cross connection between backbones.

The backbone cables utilized for interbuilding are not the same as those made use of for intrabuilding. The interbuilding wires are utilized to transfer traffic in between different structures while intrabuilding wires are made use of to move traffic in between closets that are found in the same building.

According to the ANSI / TIA / EIA-568-A requirement, the structured cables can be either first level or second level. The very first level backbone cables are those found between a main cross connect and a horizontal cross link or an intermediate cross connect. 2nd level backbone wires on the other hand are found between an intermediate cross connect and a horizontal cross link.

The backbone usually includes a number of parts. First, there are cable pathways that consist of avenues, shafts, floor penetrations along with raceways. The floor penetrations normally offer directing area for the backbone wires. Second, there are the actual backbone cables that comprise of twisted pair copper wires, optical fiber, coax cables or a mix of these wires. Keep in mind that it will certainly not benefit you to gain access to locations that are potential sources of electro-magnetic induction when you are laying the strategy for routing the wires in addition to the support structure to be used for copper cabling.

The other component of the backbone is the connecting hardware. It is used for the connection of blocks, affiliations, linking patch panels, cross connections, affiliations or a combination of these components. There are other miscellaneous support facilities that are part of the backbone parts. They include things like the grounding equipment and fire extinguishers along with cable support hardware.

Cabling adapters are parts utilized for interfacing cables to pieces of devices or cables to other cables. They typically provide a coupling system that keeps the loss to a low value. On the occasion that a fiber wire has actually been used, the port will certainly permit light impulses to be sent from one cable to another. For the copper cables, the connector makes it possible for electrical signals to be transferred in between ports.

A well set structured system ought to have the connectors lined up, there should not be unintentional separation in between them and there should likewise be performance when it pertains to the transfer of electrical energy or light between the ports. A great adapter should be durable. A durable connector has the capability to allow many insertions along with withdrawal cycles without malfunctioning. They are among the components that are vital for the stability of the structured cabling system similar to it is for the wire itself.

Tick and Mosquito Control Dunkirk MD – Backyard Bug Patrol

Backyard Bug Patrol – (703) 621-7116 –

Hey Dunkirk, I bet you didn’t know that you could protect your yard from ticks and mosquitoes?

It’s easy when you book a seasonal tick and mosquito control service with Backyard Bug Patrol.

Our barrier sprays kill these annoying bugs on contact and put up a protective barrier around your yard that lasts up to three weeks.

We also offer a 100 percent guarantee for our customers who have seasonal plans.

Our season in Dunkirk, Maryland runs from April to the end of October. You can join whenever you like and let Backyard Bug Patrol give your yard back to you!

Contact us today to schedule tick and mosquito control services.

If you’d like to protect your family and enjoy the outdoors at your Ashburn home, call Backyard Bug Patrol to schedule service today.

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Backyard Bug Patrol
(703) 621-7116

Tick and Mosquito Control Ashburn VA – Backyard Bug Patrol

Backyard Bug Patrol – (703) 621-7116 –

Here’s a little tutorial on how Backyard Bug Patrol treats a yard for tick and mosquito control. As you can see, this is a typical yard in Ashburn, Virginia.

We use our backpack sprayer to treat the perimeter of the yard. The sprayer shoots out a very fine most at 200 miles an hour and will kill ticks and mosquitoes on contact.

We thoroughly coat all the bushes and trees and put up an invisible barrier that will last up to three weeks. In addition, we spray a light coating on the grass and make sure we also spray the perimeter of your home.

Give Backyard Bug Patrol a call to schedule tick and mosquito control services for your Ashburn, Virginia home. And don’t forget to ask about our 100 percent organic options.

If you’d like to protect your family and enjoy the outdoors at your Ashburn home, call Backyard Bug Patrol to schedule service today.

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Backyard Bug Patrol
(703) 621-7116